Health Secretary

Dr. Osborne Liko - Secretary For
Health, PNG


It is my pleasure to introduce the National Department of Health Corporate Plan 2017-2020. This plane outlines the objectives of the Department and how this aligns with the National Health Plan 2011-2020 and the Health Sector Strategic Priorities 2016-2020.

This Corporate Plan sets out clear priorities and functions for the Department to lead improvements for the health sector. It delineates the Department's priorities in supporting health sector reforms and providing the framework and support to those delivering health services in order to strengthen primary health care and services delivery in PNG.

We aim to implement simple and cost-effective interventions that will achieve better results and improve services for the people. We will continue to implement our reforms and policies with more emphasis on;

  1. Medical Supplies Reforms

  2. We aim to improve the supply chain through instalment of m-supply (electronic inventory) across the sector, construct and rehabiliate all medical storage facilities (Area Medical Stores and Provicial Transit Medical Stores) and look into potential options of outsourcing procurement of medical drugs and consumables.

  3. Health Workforce Development

  4. Through implementation of the Health Sector Workforce Enhancement Plan, we will work to resolve the critical manpower shortage in the country and develop a long term Workforce Development Plan. This will address challenges on the training and development of Health workers in the future.

  5. Capacity Building for Health Leaders

  6. Effective leadership and good governance is our fundamental focus for the next three years. We will invest in management and leadership training to improve efficiency and promote good governance across the sector.

This plan introducuces a new governance framwork that is more refined and consolidates widespread responsibilities into single decision-making bodies. This streamlining also transfer administrative decisions to the senior executive management to resolve within their control.

It follows an organisational structure that is focused on developing a strong leadership culture and improving communication and partnerships within management units.

We need good leaders to drive this plan forward and i encourage every individual in the Department to take owershiip and be committed in serving the people of this country.

Dr. Osborne Liko - Health Secretary

Press Statement from Dr. Osborne Liko
Health Secretary

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a threat to the global community and we share the same level of risk of spread and impact with the rest of the world. As our other countries respond to this outbreak, it is not a question of whether the virus will come to Papua New Guinea, but when it will come.

Papua New Guinea must be ready – to manage any possible case, prepare our health workers and facilities to treat patients and prepare our communities in the event of community transmission. We must consider all possible scenarios and have plans in place to respond to all possibilities.

This PNG Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan for COVID-19 will form the basis on which our country will respond to this outbreak. We have been given high-level support by the Government with the establishment of the Ministerial Committee which our Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS chairs. We have set up and National Task Force to coordinate our inter-government, donor and partners response initiatives.

At the operational level, we have re-activated the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) that was set up during the polio outbreak in June 2018. We have an incident management system, with people responsible in key focus areas: 1) Incident management; 2) Surveillance and rapid response; 3) Laboratory; 4) Clinical management and health care services; 5) Infection prevention and control; 6) Non-pharmaceutical public health measures; 7) Risk communication and community engagement; 8) Points of entry; 9) Operational logistics; and 10) Partner coordination. We are also providing support to the Provincial Health Authorities (PHAs) for the preparedness at the provincial level.

This Plan has outlined color-coded scenarios – from alert phase (code green), to containment (code orange), to mitigation (code red), and to recovery (code white). I urge everyone including the provinces, partners and the private sector to use this plan to support our national outbreak response. The Plan is a live document and we will continue to update as needed.

Our government has committed to support the NDOH to respond to this outbreak and has approved an initial K45.3m to support the outbreak response all over the country

I thank my team at NDOH who are working tirelessly to prepare our country for COVID-19. I express my appreciation to our partners and donors who continuously support us. I thank the frontline health workers who continue to provide the critical health services to our people.

This plan was developed with the health and welfare of every PNG citizen in mind – and we urge all of you to be in solidarity with the Government. We can only fight this threat successfully if we work together as one nation.