Legal Mandate & Functions

Legal Mandate

Our legal mandate, prescribed Plan is for five years implementation for the Department in delivering its applicable role in the ten (10) year National Health Plan 2021-2030.

This Plan will also guide the Department to address the following reform objectives;
  • 1 Getting ‘the house in order’ through Organizational Excellence to refocus on its core mandate, governance, processes, systems and structures.
  • 2 Guide the restructure and realignment of the Department to effectively perform its core functions.
  • 3 Focus on workforce training and development.
  • 4 Focus on assisting the PHA’s with capacity building to improve service delivery.
  • 5 Effective planning and phase implementation of the decentralized service delivery functions to the PHAs and other relevant service delivery agencies under the current health sector reform process.

Core Functions

This Corporate Plan (the Plan) outlines the objectives of the department and how this aligns with the PNG National Health Plan 2011-2020 and the Health Sector Strategic Priorities 2016-2020.

The purpose is to delineate what the department’s priorities are in supporting health sector reform and in providing the framework and support to those delivering health services in order to strengthen primary health care and service delivery in PNG.

The department’s key activities include:
  • Policy and Planning - Develop national policies and plans, setting sectoral priorities for implementation by both public and private sector providers.
  • Standards, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance - Develop and ensure compliance to the National Health Service Standards for all levels of care
  • Corporate Governance - Coordinate effective financial management and reporting to enhance corporate performance in compliance with PFM Act.
  • Technical Advice and Support to Health Sector Agencies - Provide supervisory visits and technical support to provinces and provincial hospitals.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Research - Monitor and evaluate policies, plans, priorities and implementation of standards

Our Valued Stakeholder

The health of the country is not the sole responsibility of the NDoH, it is a shared responsibility with many stakeholders and the following are major stakeholders which the Department has identified to work closely with in addressing the Country’s health needs;

  • Minister for Health
  • All Central Government Agencies
  • Other Government Departments, Authorities and Agencies
  • Provincial Governments
  • Provincial Health Authorities (PHAs)
  • District Development Authorities (DDAs)
  • Development Partners
  • Donor Agencies
  • Foreign Missions
  • Private Health Care Providers
  • Health Workers Unions

This Corporate Plan 2022-2026 will guide the Department to maximize partnership relations with the various stakeholders to seek collaboration and support to ensure effective implementation of the stra tegies to achieve set objectives within the National Health Plan 2021-2030.

"PLICIT" "Professionalism, Loyalty, Innovative, Courage, Integrity and Team work."