"There are four divisions in the National Department of Health with quite a number of branches under these four divisions, most not listed here"

Information about those not found on the website can be requested through the online form or by calling the following phone number: +675 301 3657

  1. Home Page

    This page basically shows the Vision, Mission and the Goal of the National Department of Health. It also has the main links to the other pages and is the page that opens up when the url for the Department of Health website is accessed.

  2. Ministers Page

    This page contains speeches by the current Minister for Health and the Ministry's news. It may also have some information about the past Ministers

  3. News page

    This page basically has 6 pages altogether. These six pages have the news of the NDOH. Basically these news articles come from the Health Worker Newsletter

  4. Downloads Page

    This page has all the downloads of the Health Department. Some of these downloads are the Health Sector Performance Annual Review Report, the Health Worker Newsletters and Policies on subjects by the Health Department

  5. Contact us Page

    This page has the online form to establish contact with DOH

  6. sitemap Page

    This page - sitemap of the DOH website