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  • Third week of work for 2015..

  • 2015 Public Health Events

  • Friday 18 OCT 2013

    The NDoH Corporate Plan 2010-2013 has been launched at the Natioanl Department of Health HeadQuarters

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Improve, transform, and provide quality health services through innovative approaches supporting primary health care and health system development, and good governance at all levels.


A healthy and prosperous nation that upholds human rights and our Christian and traditional values, and ensures: Afordable, accessible, equitable, and quality health services for all citizens.


Strengthened primary health care for all, and improved service delivery for the rural majority and urban disadvantaged.


To realise the PNG Vision 2050 and the PNG DSP 2010 - 2030, the strategy for the health sector for the next twenty years and forty years is to transform the current health service delivery system. This will include the progressive introducti on of community health posts, district hospitals, regional specialist hospitals, new nati onal referral hospitals, and the Nati onal Public Health Insti tute, as well as meeti ng the requirements of two new provinces. The new referral model is intended to reverse deteriorati ng health and the widening accessibility gap. It acknowledges that service delivery improvement is required at all levels, and there is a need for greater integrati on between hospital and rural health services (both public and church-managed). The Nati onal Health Plan 2011 - 2020, directs the health sector improvement for the first ten years of this longer-term strategy and vision.